Cohesion Day – Hungary receives 90,000 citizenship applications

Budapest, June 4 (MTI) – Authorities have received some 90,000 applications for Hungarian citizenship from ethnic Hungarians in neighbouring countries and several thousand have already been approved, Zsolt Nemeth, state secretary at the foreign ministry told participants of a commemoration marking Cohesion Day in Budapest on Saturday.  

Nemeth spoke highly of Hungary’s Dual Citizenship Act, passed last year, which ensures simplified access to Hungarian citizenship for ethnic Hungarians living in other countries.


Istvan Pasztor, the head of the Federation of Vojvodina Hungarians in northern Serbia, said that Cohesion Day was a holiday of successful efforts to keep the nation together during the past 90 years.


“We must pay tribute to our forefathers, priests and teachers, to the peasants and workers because they have helped us survive,” he said.


Participants in the commemoration laid wreaths at the disctrict’s Trianon memorial.


June 4 is the anniversary of the peace treaty concluding WWI in 1920. The treaty, signed in the Grand Trianon palace in Versailles, ceded two-thirds of Hungary’s territory to neighbouring countries.