China wants honest exchange with Europe on debt solution, says Wen Jiabao

Budapest, June 25 (MTI) – China wants an honest exchange of views with Europe on solving its sovereign debt crisis, and it believes in the bloc’s economic development, Chinese premier Wen Jiabao told a news conference in Budapest on Saturday.  

Wen said his evaluation was that sovereign debt crises were spreading in Europe, and he wanted to boost cooperation and communication between Europe and China in this area.


“A new chapter hopefully will open between China and Europe,” he said.


The Chinese premier added that he wanted China to be present as an investor in Europe’s debt market in the long term, and said he was convinced Europe would defeat its debt problem.


“We are supporting Europe and the euro consistently,” he said, adding that China had purchased a significant amount of euro bonds over the past few years.


Wen urged European member states to carry out reforms in the interest of dealing with the credit issue. He added that the bloc’s advantages were its highly qualified workforce, and he praised the manufacturing sector of Germany and Great Britain’s financial services sector. Central Europe, he said, had hidden development potential.