Britain respects Hungary’s achievements since 1990, lower house head says

Budapest, November 26 (MTI) – Britain highly respects the results Hungary achieved as a constitutional democracy over the past two decades, House of Commons Speaker John Bercow told reporters after talks with Speaker of Parliament Laszlo Kover in Budapest on Friday.

“I am confident that Hungary’s government is deeply committed towards constitutional democracy and wishes to develop on this platform during the years to come,” he said.

    Bercow said Kover had informed him about the home policy tasks of the Hungarian government, including the legislative and constitutional amendments the government deems as appropriate for the nation.

    The changes in question should be effected urgently and resolutely, enabling the government to declare before the next elections that it has fulfilled its promises, said Bercow.

    ”Restoring confidence in politicians and politics in general is a must,” he said.

    The two countries’ governments and parliaments have obviously plenty of common interests and goals, Bercow said. “Boosting growth, strengthening competitiveness and supporting the SME sector are crucial for the health and dynamism of the European economy,” he said.

    Concerning Hungary’s forthcoming EU presidency, Bercow stressed the need to encourage economic growth and back small and medium-sized enterprises as vital prerequisites of job creation and reducing unemployment.