Award-winning Hungarian 3D desktop device lands on retail shelves

Budapest, September 23 (MTI) – Touted as the world’s first complete interactive virtual-reality device for desktops, Leonar3Do, invented by a brilliant young Hungarian, landed on retailers’ shelves on Thursday.

Costing around 250,000 forints (890 euros), Leonar3Do is intended for the average business or home user, and helps users design 3D animated objects with the simple use of a pointing device and 3D glasses, said Zoltan Karpati, the product developer of the company 3D for All.

    Leonar3do has a wide range of applications from architecture design, aids for the film industry and education.

    The device’s inventor, Daniel Ratai, has won a number of Hungarian and international innovation awards for his invention, including in September 2008 the San Jose-based Tech Museum of Innovation award. The Museum ranked Leonar3Do among the world’s top five innovations.

    The product is manufactured in Dunavarsany, just south of Budapest, by Caro Kft.

    Karpati said the innovation research started in May 2006, and they had won about 300 million forints in government funding. Later, a consortium led by 3D for All, received another grant which financed 75 percent of the innovation project over 28 months.